Don’t Hire Someone to Create YOUR Pitch Deck!

Why You Need to Be the Mastermind Behind Your Message

So, you’ve got a brilliant business idea, a product or service that’s going to revolutionize the [insert industry here] industry. Awesome! But in order to take the world by storm, you need to nail your pitch. Whether you’re seeking funding, wooing new customers, or simply captivating a room full of potential collaborators, a killer pitch deck is your secret weapon.

Now, you might be thinking, “Hey, creating a pitch deck sounds complicated and there are fancy design programs, A.I. tools, pitch deck consultants, and so many options to help or even do it for me. Maybe I should just outsource it to someone who knows what they’re doing?”

WAIT! Before you go handing over this crucial task to a platform, tool, or stranger, think about it.

While a bit of visual flair can certainly elevate your presentation, the content of your pitch deck is the real gold mine. And guess who has the most intimate knowledge about that gold mine? You do!

Here’s the truth: No one knows your business better than you. You’re the one who’s poured your heart and soul into this venture. You understand the pain points it solves, the unique value proposition it offers, and the passionate “why” behind it all.

Think of your pitch deck as the script for your business’s origin story. Wouldn’t it be a little weird if someone else wrote your hero’s journey?

By taking ownership of your pitch deck content, you reap a ton of benefits:

      • Clarity of Vision: The process of crafting your message forces you to get crystal clear on your business goals and target audience. No more fumbling around – you’ll be a laser-focused pitch ninja. This is one of the most powerful, yet least-known benefits of getting down to the business of creating your pitch!

      • Confidence is Key: There’s nothing more empowering than owning your story. When you deeply understand your pitch, you deliver it with conviction and passion, which is magnetic to listeners. Think of the difference between delivering words you have created versus reciting what someone else has written.

      • Versatility is Your Superpower: Many pitch sessions include a question-and-answer period. This interaction offers an amazing opportunity to shine. It also can lead to catastrophe if you’re not prepared. A strong understanding of your core message lets you adapt your pitch and how you answer questions on the fly, tailoring it to different audiences and situations. No more being caught off guard by a curveball question!

    Now you may be trying to figure out how much time it will take. And, yup, it will take time to get the message right. However, you will take this time regardless of what method or help you use.

    You will spend time learning how to use a platform or ensuring that you provide a pitch deck creator with all of the information they need to create that killer pitch deck. Information you already possess. Then there’s the back and forth, different versions and, before you know it, you’ve spent more time and money to get something you could have created yourself.

    “OK, I get all of this, and it makes sense, however, how do I create a killer pitch? Where do I learn how to do this?”

    Fear not, there is help that can turn YOU into a pitch deck creating and delivery master. I’m talking about the digital pitch course from Pitch Ninja. This course will walk you step by step through the process of how to take the knowledge you have, organize it and then communicate it in such a way that you get the results you want. Not only that, but the result of this process will give you the building blocks for ALL of your other communications activities.

    That’s right, you can use what you create for your pitch deck to also communicate on your social media pages, website, brochures, sales materials and more.

    Now, don’t get me wrong – presentation polish matters! If you’re not a PowerPoint pro or Keynote wunderkind, consider hiring a design whiz to transform it into a visually stunning deck once you’ve crafted your content masterpiece. Think of it like hiring a costume designer for your superhero origin story – they can make you look good, but you’re the one with the superpowers!

    If any of this leaves you feeling overwhelmed, that’s where Pitch Ninja swoops in to save the day! Our digital course is packed with lessons, tips, tricks, and templates to help you craft a pitch deck that sings your business’s praises. The result of the course is a pitch deck you can eagerly present and/or send to prospective investors, customers and others to get what your company needs to succeed. And all from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you feel comfortable.

    So, take control of your narrative. Become a Pitch Ninja and unleash the power of your story!