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Your start-ups will be able to craft and deliver a pitch so amazing with Pitch Ninja’s online courses, that investors and customers will be lined up to say yes

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Why Pitch Ninja for Start-up Support Organizations

  • Save your valuable time by letting Pitch Ninja’s comprehensive courses help your founders create and deliver a killer pitch with minimal input from you. This frees you up to coach your start-ups on topics where there are no digital tools being taught by an expert who has 10+ years and thousands of hours experience.

  • Reduce the cost of pitch training by allowing the Pitch Ninja courses to teach your start-ups eliminating the need for expensive consultants and the cost, strain, and stress of having set times for all of the sessions.

  • Not everyone can be an expert in everything. Let the pitch expert at Pitch Ninja take great care of your founders. This allows you to focus on the things you are a superhero at, helping other start-ups in ways you simply may not have had time for in the past.


Get hands-on experience in crafting and delivering pitches that get results with Pitch Ninja. Everything needed is inside these courses!


Become a master in the art of pitching through our engaging. easy to follow, and interactive course materials, designed to motivate keep you on track.


Participants will own the room with the confidence they get from taking the Pitch Ninja courses, and achieve success by getting more people to say yes to their offer.

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Learn the Pitching skills needed to successfully secure funding and sales with Pitch Ninja

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Features of Our Courses

Why Choose Us?

Our Pitch Coach has over 10 years of experience and has listened to over 3,100 pitches, meaning participants will learn from someone with deep and broad experience.

Our step-by-step courses cover everything from how to create a killer pitch to how to deliver it with confidence.  As a result,  a pitch that captivates investors and customers alike is created.  Pitch Ninja deliver all the information and tools needed to master the critical skill of pitching.

Proven Pitch Strategies

Proven strategies to craft and confidently deliver a winning pitch that secures funding and boosts sales. Tailored specifically to the needs of founders and startups.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Say goodbye to rigid meeting schedules and hello to flexible, personalized pitch training with Pitch Ninja’s online courses. Learn and practice in privacy before sharing with others!

Toolbox to Assist with Every Step

With templates, bonus videos, downloadable tips, instructions, and more, the digital help isn’t confined to just the videos.


Trusted by Hundreds of Students, Coaches, and Professionals

“It was amazing to work with Neal. The panel actually said that it was the best pitch ever at a Power Hour occasion”


Jonas Jönsson – Business Coach

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“These insights didn’t just make us better at pitching; they were a big part of why we won first place out of 400 companies in the Stockholm Business Challenge”

Fredrik Persson – Co-Founder of Everyday Baby

“I don’t think we would ever be this far without his crucial advice. You can’t underestimate how much you are pitching your company. Not just to investors, not just to companies, but to new employees, potential co-founders, municipalities…”

Sam Amant – Founder of Koastal

“I highly recommend Neal and his courses to any organisation or entrepreneur. The improvement we see with the student’s ability to pitch is actually quite radical!”

Craig Mitchell – Program Director Lund University


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